For the past six months I’ve had a dream to take ownership of this blog and make it completely my own. While blogging on has been a fabulous and fun learning experience, I’m ready to kick it up a notch. So in December, I decided that’s what 2015 will be about.

A few days before Christmas I purchased You’re welcome to check it out, but for the time being all you’ll see is this:

Under Construction

This post is my stab at accountability as I aim to get my new home settled and welcome you there for a little open house, if you will. Being completely nontechnical (I do know how to turn my laptop on!), this is a huge learning process, so I’m grateful for friends, blogs, and books that offer tips on this subject. Feel free to hound me ask me how it’s going. My goal is to be up and running in the next two weeks.

Thanks for your understanding! I can’t wait to see you at my new home!