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Last month I commandeered a small secretary’s desk from my dad for my kitchen. Being a work-at-home-mom with a toddler and having a basement office just don’t seem to mix, so this is my current solution. The beautiful thing is that it’s a roll-top desk, which means I don’t have to move a single thing to hide the mess.

This desk also boasts five separate drawers. When I was in the process of stealing said desk from my brother’s room (he’s away at college, so why would he need a desk?), these drawers excited me with their endless uses. Stamps, post-its, stickers, pens—I knew I had plenty of room for everything I could possible need.

Or not.

Try pens, pens, post-its, more pens, and finally—wait for it—pens.

Pennoisseur on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.com

But here’s the thing. I don’t even buy half of the pens I’d like to own. And if I have a pen that doesn’t make me happy, I either give it away or trash it. There are no unsavory pens hanging around in these drawers.

According to my Google search, an average pen produces between 1-2 miles of writing, so let’s go with 1.5 miles. That means that my pen collection, if I only count the pens in my actual desk, will write for 117 miles. That’s 7.4 million inches.

That’s a lot of paper.

Now, I write a lot every day. I really do. It starts around 5:30 am with journaling and Bible study. It continues the moment I’m out of the shower and start checking things off my list. I write thank-you notes, lists, copy quotes, Zentangle a bit, doodle some more, do craft projects with my son, and who knows what else. But 117 miles? How many years will it take me to accomplish that?

My choice of pen is based up on my mood. Isn’t everyone’s? This week I’m using a Pilot G-2 07 in blue. Last spring I couldn’t get enough of PaperMate Flairs. Sharpies are always a favorite, but they only work with certain projects. Do you understand my dilemma? Perhaps it’s not an addiction problem but quite literally a need. Plus, I have schizophrenic handwriting. Some days it’s legible. Some days it’s beautiful. Most days it’s a hot mess.

My name is Kendra and I am a pen-aholic.