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My Mistakes on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.comYesterday afternoon a customer called, alerting me to a significant mistake I had made in her credit charge three weeks earlier. She spoke kindly and with empathy, but as I looked at my records, I discovered that through one wrong keystroke I had indeed overcharged her a significant amount of money.

Thanks to the credit processing program I use, the problem was easily corrected. I’m simply out that significant amount of money I had assumed was mine.

While I love statistics, numbers and accounting are not my strengths.

This happened once before (although not such an expensive mistake that time). In fact, I remember it was at the same exact point in my first pregnancy. I suppose that means I can blame it on the baby, but part of me thinks I should be in complete control of my mental faculties.

I don’t forgive myself easily.

When I told my sister text-brigade (made up of three sisters and two adoptees) of my mistake and my guy’s gracious response, I told them it would be easier had he been angry with me. They reminded me that I’m being hard enough on myself and that his response was the correct, loving one.

Kind of like God.

Although he didn’t say it at the time, I could picture my guy saying, “It’s only money.” And it is. The stuff doesn’t grow on trees, but neither is it the essence of life.

I’ve always been a Romans 8:28 girl, but recently I’ve found myself getting caught up in the day-to-day living so much that I forget how God truly cares for me. He’s in the little things, too, and he’s working it all out for my good. While he doesn’t cause my mistakes, like a loving parent he allows me to make them so I can grow up. And, like a loving parent, he’s there to comfort me and help me move forward as I deal with the consequences.

He shows me mercy and grace. And those are the exact qualities he wants in my life. Sometimes in order to show mercy and grace to others, I must first learn to give mercy and grace to myself.

Rather than cry over my mistakes (that’s so yesterday afternoon), I’m going to use every reminder of this goof-up to show myself mercy. And, while I’m at it, I’ll also use it as a reminder to slow down a bit during the next six months.