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Jamberry Nail Wrap Review  on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.comBack in August I hosted a Jamberry nail party on Facebook. Since I hadn’t used Jamberry since 2012 (and then only once while getting ready to be in wedding while dealing with a 7-week old baby), I was curious to see how their design/formula had changed and to discover if they were really all that.

Applying the wraps does take a little bit of practice. My party netted me roughly six month worth of wraps, so I figure this will give me until Christmas to become a pro without investing much money.

Since I am not yet a pro, let me use pictures to tell you about my experience. And since there are many articles and videos addressing the application of the wraps, I’ll let you get those details from women more skilled than myself.Jams one week old on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.com

First of all, one thing I love about Jamberry is that I can stop mid-manicure to do whatever needs to be done. In my case during the first application, this meant changing a diaper after completing four nails.

I kept my wraps on for 12 days, and during that time I only wore gloves when washing a big pile of dishes. When it was just one or two items, or when I was scrubbing my kitchen counters, I did those chores bare handed. The only wear I noticed was at the tips of the nails–quite understandable in my opinion. I could have left the wraps on a few more days, but I was ready for a change.Jamberry coconut oil removal on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.com

To remove the wraps, I used warm coconut oil. After soaking one hand for a few minutes, I worked from the base of the nail toward the tip, rolling the wrap off. If a wrap stuck, I returned the finger to the oil for a few more moments. Not only was this a quick and easy removal method (especially in contrast to removing gel polish), but my nails looked amazing once they were fully naked.

One thing I don’t recommend doing is applying your wraps in a hurry. For some crazy reason, I thought 45 minutes before heading out the door for church gave me plenty of time for a manicure–and that was before doing my hair. In my haste, I didn’t do the best job, but they still held up for a week and a half. Jamberry in Turple on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.comBad nail on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.com

I also have found that Jamberry wraps are excellent for both hiding and holding in place a damaged nail. If you look closely in the photo to the left, you can see the diagonal ridge through my pointer finger. Wrap free, the nail looked like the photo below…until I took matters into my own hands and cut the top layer off. Obviously I took and captioned this photo before that fateful event.

If you’ve used Jamberry, I’d love to hear your experience. And if you have’t but would like to give the wraps a try, my friend Sarah is an excellent and most helpful rep. You can view her website here.