Yup, that’s right. Baby number two is cooking. There really is something to the whole throwing-in-the-towel-only-to-see-God-take-over concept.

While I fully intended to provide an informative review of Jamberry Nail Wraps this week, semi-continual nausea and migraines are kicking my butt and laying me on the couch. So I am literally laying on the couch, typing this on my phone while my man entertains the Little Butt outside. The silence is unimaginably sweet.

I have found some slight improvement in the last few days with tips from this blog post addressing morning sickness. Then yesterday my baby sis mentioned using peppermint essential oil to treat headaches. Excedrin it is not, but sometimes ya gotta go with safe and creative.

If you know a friend who is suffering from morning sickness, please direct her to the above post. I think her remedies are helping.