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Last week I was introduced to the idea of the Capsule Wardrobe, which Caroline blogs about here. I’ll admit, the idea is a little intimidating, especially as Caroline’s magic number for her wardrobe is just 37 pieces. I do pretty well with this number until you calculate in shoes, cardigans, and jackets. Which she does. I think I have 37 items in those three categories alone.

Now, before you or I freak out, this capsule is per season, so with some overlap that gives you between 74 and (if you refuse to overlap anything) 148 items. These items include:
• Tops (shirts, blouses, cardigans, and jackets)
• Bottoms (jeans, dress pants, skirts, leggings, and shorts)
• Dresses
• Shoes

Capsule Wardrobe on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.comBack in the day, maybe sometime in the early nineties, I heard this concept referred to as “core wardrobing,” so it’s not new. However, Caroline offers some tips on her blog to help us limit the size of that wardrobe and at the same time give us countless combinations from those 37 items. According to her statistics, you might wear the same outfit (that’s outfit, not item) twice per season. Now, that is seriously exciting!

While I’ve only just begun planning out my fall wardrobe, I wanted to share this concept with you and let you know that you can download Caroline’s Wardrobe Planner here. I’d love to hear your thoughts!