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Dry shampoo on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.comSometime in the last year or so my stylist Brittany started telling me about the fabulousness of dry shampoo. My goal at the time was to improve my hair health by washing it less often and using dry shampoo on the off days.

Yeah, so not happening. I tried it two or three times, and each time I ended up re-showering halfway through the day because I was so miserable. Even when I don’t exercise, I have one seriously oily scalp. Which (Brittany tells me) I can train to be less so, but I haven’t the patience. Besides, I work out too often to justify even trying.

Even so, dry shampoo is now one of my essential styling aids, especially during the humid summer days. Being the proud possessor of an abundant head of superfine hair, the dirtier it is, the better the style holds. But again, I can’t live with the oil.

These sticky days my hair styling routine (when I’m disciplined enough to leave it down) is as follows:
1. If time permits, allow to air dry until damp.
2. Apply J Beverly Hills Lift Up volumizing spray foam to my roots and a heat protectant to the ends.My favorite hair products on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.com
3. Dry my hair with a round metal brush.
4. Apply a moderate amount of dry shampoo and work it through the ends. Since my hair is clean, I don’t apply it to the roots.
5. Curl, style, and spray.

Brittany has assured me that, while she normally advocates using salon products, for dry shampoo you can use whatever you like. Being what I like to call *frugal* myself, I’ve tried TRESemme’s Fresh Start and Garnier Fructis’ Volume Extend. Fructis was my favorite, but after a week of migraines, I determined that my body didn’t like the scent.

Hair on scatteredfashionista.wordpress.com

Waiting for my second flight of the day. My hair looked the same six hours later.

The proof that dry shampoo worked was, to me, a day of traveling by bus, lots of walking in downtown Ft. Worth, two flights, and a total of 18 hours from styling time to my arrival at home, hair still looking good. That, my friend, is why I love dry shampoo.