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In recent months I’ve thought a lot about infertility. Having given birth to a son, I know that we are not technically infertile, but by this stage in my married life I expected to have two children and be thinking about a third. I’m no spring chicken. Throw in the fact that my parents were “diagnosed” with secondary infertility after having me, one can imagine my concern. They, however, went on to parent seven additional children.

Family photo scatteredfashionista.wordpress.com

An average family photo (plus one brother-in-law and BFF/second sister thrown into the mix).

My fabulous family of origin could be one of the main reasons a delayed second pregnancy has proven so painful for me. Who knows?

More couples suffer from infertility than one might think, often because infertiles or those trying to conceive (TTC) are in so much pain they prefer not to discuss it. When the all-too-common questions of “When do you plan to start a family?” or, in my case, “When will you have your next child? Don’t wait too long!” are asked, it’s often difficult to find a gracious answer. Reading Lizzy’s post from last week reminded me of the need to be gracious, as I’ve been tempted at times to hurt the questioner for unintentionally hurting me.

Please take the time to read Lizzy’s post, “The Dreaded Question (with Illustrations from Harry Potter).” If you haven’t experienced infertility yourself, this might be especially helpful. If you have, I hope it encourages you as it did me.