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Girlfriend, this fall is going to be beautiful! The colors aren’t your traditional fall hues, but include some brighter and lighter tones, including—wait for it—pink!

Fall 2014 orchidOur number one color is sticking in the Radiant Orchid family, so you’ll see lots of purple everywhere. While it’s too calming to be considered a power color, it does convey a message: purple speaks of creativity and a wiliness to be different. And, as we all know, it’s often associated with royalty, which adds a sense of luxury to the hue.

Fall 2014 greyNext in line is grey, but don’t go assuming it’s just for your clothes. Use the other colors on our pallet as your backdrop, and add grey in as an accessory: a scarf, some fun jewelry, or your bag. Grey is a professional color and gives an impression of stability and calm.

Fall 2014 burgundyA hot, hot, hot color for fall is burgundy. This is such a fun jewel tone to work into your wardrobe. Being a member of the red family, burgundy is a power color but with more refinement. While still energetic, it has more warmth and maturity behind the power. Whereas red calls, “Look at me!” burgundy calmly states: “I deserve to be noticed.” And you do.

Fall 2014 blueCobalt is still on our pallet, with hues in the royal blue family as well as navy. Like grey, blue is a calming color and also invokes the impression that you are quiet but still dependable. A deep blue will prove classy in any situation.

Fall 2014 blushAnd finally, we come to that pink I promised you, but it’s actually blush tones. Pink is a highly romantic color. It gives one the idea that you are safe, caring, and warm. Blush is soft and inviting. If this tone doesn’t work well for you as a clothing option but you like the idea of blush, try pairing a blush scarf or necklace with a color more suitable for you.

I hope you enjoyed this update and that it helps as you prepare for my favorite season of the year. Have a colorful day!

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