Last week on a trip to my bathroom, I was appalled to see a tube of my favorite makeup primer sitting on the counter. It wasn’t that someone else got it out or was using it or the fact that I’d left a little clutter behind during my morning routine. No, the fact is…if someone saw this tube and the way it’s almost all used up, they might get the wrong idea about me.


You see, my makeup primer of choice is, ahem, Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. Mm-hmm. Mildly untraditional, but it works. And after a severe breakout in early 2013 after trying a well-known brand’s primer for a few weeks, cheap, safe, and does-the-job without breakouts works for me. But the without breakouts part has been a discovery of trial and error.

Since this product isn’t specifically made to prime your skin, allow me to share my regimen. While I initially applied a small portion of the gel after my moisturizer had dried, I altered this after noticing a few areas of breakout. Having the skin of a 14-year old (meaning acne-prone, not dewy and wrinkle free), I’m not 100% sure this was due to the Monistat or just some more of that wonky body chemistry I’ve mentioned before. Either way, I discovered that mixing a dab of gel with a drop of moisturizer does the trick. So here you go:

1. Beginning with clean hands, squeeze a dab of Monistat gel onto the closed fist of your non-dominant hand.

Primer Step 1

2. Squeeze roughly the same amount of moisturizer on top of the gel.

Primer Step 2

3. Blend with index finder and then apply evenly to face. (I apply straight moistirizer to my neck. After all, who puts foundation on their neck? Oh, sometimes you do too? Well, ok then. But let’s just keep that between ourselves, shall we?)

Primer Step 3

4. Proceed with normal makeup regimen.

One last secret: I apply my liquid foundation with a brush rather than a sponge. It soaks up–and thereby wastes–less foundation while still giving even coverage. I’m sure there are great brushes specifically for this, but I just grabbed this one at Ulta sometime last year and it works for me.

Foundation brush