I’ve been purging my closet recently, piece by awful piece. Some of them weren’t always quite so awful. It’s just that they’re no longer wearing well (either their material or my body—I’m not sure who to blame) and I don’t feel fabulous in them.

So I’m pitching them.

If I think someone else might actually enjoy an item, I’ll put it in the donation box. But otherwise, into the trash it goes.


Seriously. Think about it. If we wear the same outfit/article of clothing a minimum of twice a month for, say ten years, that’s over 200 wears. Why make yourself miserable for that many days? Instead, take those one or two outfits/tops/jeans/articles you love and wear them more!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the accessories make an outfit, so you may have a mediocre top that will look over the moon awesome with the right shoes, jewelry, and bag. But otherwise? Pitch it.

I don’t know about you, but when I feel less than fabulous, I act way less than fabulous. Which means I treat myself and those around me—especially the really important people—less than fabulously. It’s just wrong.

When I feel less than fabulous, I act way less than fabulous.

I keep coming back to this, but if you can change something you don’t like, change it.

Throw that sweater away.

Trash those old shoes.

Do you really think that dress will be in style when it fits again? Let it go.

And focus on being fabulous today, whatever size you are and whatever is left in your closet. Because life is too short to be anything else but your best.