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As I sit here writing, the East Coast is in the midst of the most intense snowfall in four years. Outside my window the snow is nearing two feet, and we’ve still got 13 hours of predicted snowfall to follow. Everything I see is white or grey. While beautiful, it’s a little depressing, too.

With all this white, I can think of no better time to discuss the Pantone pallet for spring 2014. There are some seriously bright, happy colors headed our way, and not a moment too soon! Just look at these visual gems:

My Pantone 2014 spring

At first I had heard that Radiant Orchid was to be the top color, but it’s becoming apparent that the color of choice is indeed Dazzling Blue—and what a rich, warm blue it is! Here you can see it in a few of my favorite jewelry pieces:

DazzlingBlue collection

Gemma, Ombre, Rock Steady, and Pacific

Which leads me to ask—how do you plan to incorporate these fun colors into your spring wardrobe? Clothes are definitely an option, but for me that’s not the wisest choice. My weight is all over the place, from pre-man to post-marriage to post-baby to pre-baby (I hope!), I’m not ready to invest in a new wardrobe that may not fit next spring or, if it does, may be the completely wrong color scheme.

My answer is always the same: accessorize! Now, while I am a jewelry diva, this includes everything—scarves, belts, handbags, glasses, shoes and, of course, jewelry. Just check out all the different ways you can incorporate these colors with the True Colors ensemble:


Now, if only I had taken a picture of my friend Kristin in her vibrant Celosia Orange scarf. When she walked into the room this week, it was instantly a brighter, happier place. Yay for color!

If you’d like to check further into the trends for spring, a great place to start is our Style Guide. You can view it on my website under the “browse the catalog” tab. The access code this month is BLING. And don’t worry—you don’t have to enter your name or email address to browse. That’s completely optional.


So go add some color to your day already! And if you’re a fellow East Coaster, stay safe and warm!