A few weeks ago I mentioned to my guy that I needed to replace my hairdryer.

“You really should go to Sally’s and get a professional one,” he said.

I inwardly rolled my eyes. It’s a regular disagreement of ours. He says pay a little more for quality and you’ll save in the long run. I say stick with the generic, affordable status quo. They’ve been good enough for the first 34 years of my life. Why change now?

Or so I thought.

As it turned out, my guy ended up at the store with me and pointed out the Ceramic Xtreme by BaByliss. I did my mental math and figured that if it lasted a few extra years, four times the amount I’d budgeted couldn’t be that bad. So I went with it.


Eighteen hours later I was a convert. Seriously—do you realize just how quickly a professional dryer works? I gained an extra ten minutes that morning. Those ten minutes alone are worth $50 a week in my book. I’d already made my money back.

That morning I danced into my guy’s home office, stating that now I wanted professional curling and flat irons. My memory is fuzzy as to his response, but a gentle “I told you so” is not beyond belief.

This result shouldn’t be so shocking to me. It also happened this summer when, after a few years of buying drugstore brand hairspray, I switched back to professional products. Oh! I thought. That’s why I used to pay the big bucks. When one sweats perspires as much as I do and has fine hair, you need industrial grade hairspray to keep you looking good.


The moral of the story? Saving money is always good. But sometimes you do have to spend a little more to save in the long run. And pampering yourself in the process makes it totally worth the cost.

So while I’m shopping around for my new goodies, any suggestions are welcome. What are your favorites?