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If you’ve survived your teens and early twenties and are still collecting t-shirts and sweatshirts, chances are this is your fashion personality. To you, comfort is of utmost importance. Bring on the sweats, tennis shoes and, by all means, can it be flip-flop season already?

Now, while I can’t say this has ever been my personality, let’s face it—we all love comfort, and that’s what the casual is all about. Please tell me that you classics, dramatics, and romantics each wear sweats at home!

Since the casual woman isn’t a slave to fashion, there isn’t a lot to define her beyond the word comfort. She wears what makes her feel relaxed and is ready for whatever the day throws her way. This woman doesn’t need to pack a change of clothes in case someone wants to play basketball or go hiking. She’s always prepared for everyday fun. But she must always, always, always beware: in extreme cases, casual borders on frumpy and no one deserves to look like that. Selecting your favorite styles but with an appropriate fit will almost always protect you from this danger.

Since t-shirts are a common choice for the casual woman, one way to amp up your look is by selecting fitted tees and vintage ones. (Victoria Beckam has great tips for this in her book, That Extra Half an Inch.) The casual woman, when she chooses to wear jewelry, will most often stick with simple earrings. The ones I’ve pictured here might be a bit of a stretch for her, due to the size of the stone. And speaking of stones…the casual tends to lean towards more natural stones, with turquoise being a common choice.

Casual 4Anniversary earrings

That said, at a show this week I met a casual who fell in love with the Francesca necklace. This piece is bold, but it gives off a natural vibe due to the brushed metals and is a great t-shirt piece. My customer possessed perfect casual style—a mildly fitted black tee, dark jeans, and a hip-length brown leather jacket. I wish I could box her up and take her around as one of my models.

Casual 1Premier Design’s Francesca necklace–one of my go-to pieces

While I doubt many casuals read my blog, perchance there are one or two, and to you I say bravo for embracing the essence of you.

Be casual, but still be the best, most beautiful casual you possible.