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Classic: this is the personality where I feel most at home because, well, it’s me. Being classic is fabulous—the bulk of your wardrobe never goes out of style.

Being classic also stinks. You see, the bulk of your wardrobe never goes out of style. It kind of makes impulsive clothing shopping more difficult to defend.

Case in point: below is a picture of me and my dad in 2006. That outfit could have been from the 1970s or today. It’s kind of timeless. That could mean boring, or one could look at it as safe and frugal. Or all three.


This second picture was taken this October. In case it’s unclear (there are about forty pounds that I found between 2006 and 2013, half of which I plan to un-find this year), I’m the one on the right. That jacket? I bought it in 2004 and I’ve worn it every year since. The camisole is circa 2006. And I think I look pretty darn good in this picture.

classic 2Some qualities of the classic fashionista include:

Neutral colors: especially black, grey, and navy

Solid colors over prints: I buy prints when I see ones I like, and they get very little wear. I feel uncomfortable in them.

Traditional basics: v-neck or scoop neck shells, turtle necks, sweaters, pencil skirts, pants with clean lines—nothing that could be considered edgy.

Shoes aren’t flashy, but they’ll survive changes in fashion. Thank God for ballet flats and heels.

Did I mention timeless? Check out this coat I purchased in 2007. Other than the fact that it’s currently a little snug, it should last me many more years.

classic 4

I guess, in a word, we can be described as safe. Thank goodness the rest of the world has chosen a much kinder word: classic.