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In every dramatic fashionista’s past or future lies artistic tendencies. Perhaps this inner artist is deeply hidden, but she comes out to play when the dramatic walks into her closet…or dressing room…or that floor of the house that contains all of her beautification paraphernalia.

Is it clear that I am closely related to one of these?

Drama-Jak1My all-time favorite dramatic…

For the dramatic, dressing herself—be it her face or her body—is an event. Of all the personalities, perhaps hers shines through the most visibly. Her whole aura shouts, “May I have your attention please?” And when you acquiesce, her heart smiles, for she loves attention.

Some characteristics of this fashionista’s wardrobe include:
*Drama (well??)
*Bold colors and/or prints
*Sparkles, glitter, gems, and jewels
*Bold accessories: jewelry, handbags, shoes, belts—anything you can think of, make it big and make it bold!

Drama-Jak2 …and her shoes

A note to those of you who fall into this category: you can be kind of intimidating. Since you tend to be above average height (5’7” or more–before the six-inch heels) and have the personality to match your style, those of us who are more vanilla and less gutsy can feel lost in your presence. Just be real so we know you have flaws like the rest of us.

And for those of us who don’t, here’s a tip I began trying years ago. Since bracelets are the sign of an outgoing personality, stack ‘em up your arm. The louder (literally and visually), the better. It’s my jewelry version of fake it till you make it.

Drama-arm candy

Arabesque, Stacksational, Accessorize, and Roaring Chic

*Due to the Christmas Holidays, this Scattered Fashionista will be taking a break. See you in 2014!