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So…what makes up the romantic fashionista? And why, exactly, do we use that word: romantic?

Well, if you’d like a five-second history lesson, it stems from the romantic period  (roughly 1825-1875) when aesthetic beauty was highly prized and artwork needed to be emotionally expressive. Much of the more widely enjoyed “classical” music stems from this period, with composers like Chopin, Verdi, Mendelsohn, and even some of Beethoven’s later works, falling into this category. Feeling, feeling, feeling.

If you’re a romantic fashion personality, many (or all) of the following have a prominent place in your wardrobe:
*Ruffles or bows
*Feminine/flowing lines
*Floral prints
*A preference for dresses
*Abundant accessories: jewelry, scarves, hats, perhaps some gloves

pink ice ringPink Ice ring

Do you lean towards necklaces and/or rings? That’s a sign that you’re both a romantic and sentimental—in a good way. Just because some of you out there completely embrace your feminity, it doesn’t mean you’re any less powerful than the rest of us. Some of the truest romantics I know have dealt with some pretty tough stuff in the past. You feel things deeply, and when the time is right and it will benefit someone else, you’re willing to share your story.

hope necklaceHopeful necklace

Speaking of romance, didn’t my guy do a great job selecting perfect anniversary roses?