What’s your personality? Do you think it’s possible for someone to guess just by looking at you? It could be! So what are your wardrobe and accessories telling people about you?

There are four basic fashion personality types, but before introducing them, I think it bears noting—as with all “typing,” there are no hard and fast boundaries. Surely you’ve met an introvert or two who was incredibly outgoing, or an extravert who loved being alone. The same goes for fashion—know thyself, and then spice up your look with a bit of this and that for fun. And that’s not all. If you choose to get really nitpicky, there could be dozens of fashion categories, but to keep it simple, I’m going to stick with the main four.

So. The four categories are:

Romantic. Think lace, pearls (although those can move into classic, too), ruffles—all things girly and feminine. Graceful, but in a milder way than our classic counterpart. The romantic personality might lean more towards estate jewelry, vintage looks, and the like. Romantics make us feel pampered and ladylike when we’re around them, because they embrace their femininity and draw out our own.

RomanticA Romantic Bridal Sash

Dramatic. Heh heh heh. Does this really require description? Bold, bold, BOLD. Eye-catching, modern and trendy. The dramatic personality dresses for fun and attention. You know who you are, and the rest of us know who you are, and—I’ll say it—we’re a little bit jealous of you. We want to be like you, but when we try it just doesn’t feel right. Ugh.


Classic. Ahhhh. Audrey Hepburn. Princess Kate. The classic woman tends to stick with the basic, time-honored styles with few deviations, so she always looks in style. Her accessories are always just right. We kind of hate her for being so perfect, but she’s perfectly classic, so we can’t.

kate middleton2Check out the great article that accompanies this photo

Natural. Now for my natural friends, you’re just so comfy and safe! Sometimes you’re borderline bohemian and sometimes you’re more casual or sporty, but you never overdo it. You don’t want your clothes or accessories getting in the way of life. You like to be comfortable and want to live a normal life in normal clothing. No fru-fru for you. Comfy, practical clothes to match your comfy, practical life, as opposed to those of us who must strip out of our day clothes and don sweatpants to watch TV with the family.

meg ryan

Meg Ryan is definitely a natural 

And those, my friends, are the bare-bone-basics. Next week I’ll begin delving more deeply into these four great categories, along with some accessorizing tips for each one. But if you have any secrets or want to share your personality, please comment and share with us all.