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While no one attempting to understand my filing system would call me organized, I do have some natural instincts for time management and getting things done. I’ve used a day-planner since I was about fourteen or so. (No, I didn’t have much of a social life—it just made me feel important and organized.) A paper planner.planners

I love paper. L-O-V-E.

Admit it: sometimes being organized is time consuming, and sometimes it’s bulky. I’m sure a large percentage of my back and shoulder problems are thanks to lugging a hefty calendar in my purse.

Somewhere around 2009 I attempted to go digital. Back then it was a Palm Pilot. Because I really did have both a social and a business life by that point, I actually needed to plan. I can do this, I thought. I’m a big girl now.

Not two months into my digital conversion, I ended up double booking myself. Thankfully my sister Jak was able to fill in for me at one of the events, but it was a $300 mistake in Jak’s favor.

Perhaps Jak was sorry to see me return to paper. But that was 2009. She’s had a while to get over it.

Fast forward to the spring of this year. A daily writing prompt asked me what was my favorite gadget. My iPhone, of course. Suddenly, inspiration struck and I spent the morning scouring the App Store for The Perfect Digital Calendar.

And I found it. [Cue happy Disney music]


ET4EveryThink does everything. Hence the name. Set up like a traditional DayTimer®, you can view your calendars anyway you like with the press of a button: daily with task list, weekly, an entire year, or—my personal favorite—month at a glance where you can actually read what your appointments are. No more dots on the screen for you to guess their meaning.


Not only that, EveryThink syncs up your contacts and has the capability to create folders within a single event where you can store files, pictures, notes, contact information, maps—you name it.

Ooh! And did I mention you can change your tab colors? Pretty snazzy. For me, teaching and open dates are yellow, family is purple, and business is pink.

Remember that $300 mistake courtesy of my PalmPilot? Ain’t never gonna happen. One morning I went looking for an event I had scheduled two days earlier. I couldn’t find it. In total panic, I typed a hasty message to EveryThink’s support staff (by no means my first). Within a short while I received (as I knew I would) a personal response introducing me to the Deleted tab. This is the land where accidentally, ahem, deleted appointments and tasks go. I even found old task lists that I had kissed goodbye in favor of new ones. It’s impossible to lose anything!

Currently, EveryThink is only available for Apple products, but I’m guessing if enough of us ask really sweetly, soon it will be compatible with all phones and tablets. Curious? Go ahead and shoot a quick email to support@everythink.us. I promise you they will respond, and in a short time, too. They’re classy like that.

**As with all my posts recommending products, I am receiving no compensation for this post. My enthusiasm compels me to share.