As some of you remember, I’ve been feeling the fallish itch to resume my pursuit of the perfect purse.

Newsflash: I just may have found it. Seriously.

Recently I took part in an open house as one of the vendors. Preparing for this event, I wondered if the Miche® lady would be there as well. When I met her at the same event in 2012, I was not in the market for a purse, and as new mother I didn’t even know what I needed. But knowing my love for all things new (when it comes to purses and shoes), I spent time mulling over the practicality of the Miche concept: a base bag with interchangeable shells to match various outfits, seasons, and moods.trishaMiche

Let me tell the story in the company’s own words:

“On the way home from work in the fall of 2004, a young woman did something most women have done—she spilled on her favorite handbag. Frustrated by the thought of hunting for a replacement then transferring all the contents, she wished there was a way to just change the outside of the bag. The idea immediately popped into her mind to create a bag with changeable covers. Not to be deterred by her lack of sewing skills, she grabbed her super glue and some scrap fabric, took apart the stained bag, and made the very first prototype. With her rough creation in hand, she set out on a mission to bring the Miche Bag to life.”

Now, before anyone gets the idea that I’m getting a kickback for writing this, I’m not. But if I’m passionate about something, I’ve got to share. Surely you know what I mean.

Choosing my purse took a lot of thought. I interviewed every woman I met who carried one. I tried them on. I took their stuff out and put mine in. I asked how long they had been using that particular shell and checked for wear and tear. I looked at how the inside (the base bag) held up. These were career women with young to school-age children, and we all know how stuffed a mom’s purse can get. I reread my post from a few weeks ago, just to make sure I remained on track. And I asked the all-important question:

“How many purses have you purchased since your Miche?”

The answer? Not a one.

This from women who admitted to being purse, ahem, addicts.

With that information, I decided this would be my Christmas present and took the plunge. And I’m not a bit sorry. As you may remember, I needed a big bag, so I chose the largest style—the Prima—and chose the Tereasa and Elsa shells (starter kits are a bargain: a base and two shells in that size). The deal that month just happened to throw in interchangeable sets of chains and handles in both gold and silver, brown and black.Elsa

Let me tell you, it’s like getting to move furniture around for a breath of fresh air, but without all the time and mess. And I feel so sassy when I leave the house.

Perhaps it’s the animal print. I do love a good leopard print.Tereasa

As I mentioned, I’m not getting any kickbacks from Miche, but if you’re looking for a helpful (and patient) representative, contact my friend Joyce. You can check out her Miche shop here.

Let me know what you think!