In my line of work I meet an average of 420 new women every year. Over the past seven years, over 400 women have welcomed me into their homes. Sadly—but perhaps understandably—I can’t remember every single one of these hostesses and many of my roughly 3,000 customers.

Still, I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world to do what I do. Because of a job where I go into women’s homes and share jewelry and fashion and fun, I’ve been gifted with many lovely friendships. Women whose lives might never have crossed my path other than at a jewelry show are often in my thoughts and they brighten my day.

One in particular stands out to me today. I’ll call her Grace.

Grace and I met six years ago at a jewelry show. This past September she decided it was her turn to host me, and welcomed me into her lovely home for a brunch jewelry showing with her friends. Being the friend of Grace’s friend and solid acquaintances, I was excited. I knew Grace would be a delightful hostess and looked forward to getting to spend time with her.

That morning when I arrived at her home to set up my display, Grace presented me with the gift of a pillow on which she had quilted the word “faith.”Pillow

Knowing some of our family circumstances, perhaps she chose this word as a reminder to me not to worry. Whatever her reasoning, this kindness brought instant tears to my eyes. I was the one who was supposed to be giving gifts to Grace at this event—not the other way around.

I brought the pillow home and put it on display in our living room, hopefully out of the way of grimy toddler fingers. It sits on a rocker where I see it daily and am constantly reminded of Grace’s kindness.

Kindness and the attribute of grace go hand in hand. We don’t always deserve kindness, and often the kindnesses others show make us feel unworthy. Perhaps my friend Grace felt as if she was offering a simple gesture of friendship. To me, it was like hearing God remind me that he cares for me. Kindness and grace beautify both the giver and the recipient.

Thank you, Grace, for this lovely reminder and for your kindness to me.