Problems with jewelry storage tends to be a recurring theme at my jewelry shows. Women say things like:

-I can’t buy more jewelry. My husband will kill me. I don’t have anywhere to put what I have.

-I have too much jewelry.

-I never wear the jewelry I already own.

-My necklaces tangle.

-I lose earrings all the time.


As my jewelry always needs to be travel-ready, what works for me might not be what’s best for you and your jewelry. So I want to share a great tip on how to keep your jewelry safe, and still remember what you have—and wear it!
jewelry jangler

Back in the day, my mom was a pretty crafty girl. (She still is—she just can’t find the
time, and were the time made available, she’d need to find a space that didn’t get taken over by the three boys young men still at home.) She crafted several “Jewelry Janglers,” one for each girl and my grandmother—probably never for herself. Hers were much cuter than the one pictured here, but still very 80’s. And, as you may note, each Jangler only held about nine necklaces.

Who can live with just nine necklaces? I ask you.

That woman who says, “I have too much jewelry”? Definitely no relation of mine.

photo 2As a jewelry lady, I keep my jewelry in trays and on display T-bars. This is perfect for showing the jewelry, making my table shop-able, transportation easier (a friend taught me to simply run a ribbon through the necklaces and tie them together) and, as they sit atop my dresser at home, easy morning prep. Well, eaiser. I still take a while to decide which necklace I’m in the mood for.

photo 1And yes, I almost always wear a necklace.

But again, this system is not practical for most people. It’s not even practical for me. Here’s why:

Do you know what one element is constantly attacking your jewelry? Air. Especially in our more humid climates, oxidization affects the color of all precious metals, and is murder for costume jewelry (which is why quality high fashion jewelry is a much better choice, but I digress).

Being the wise woman that she is, my mom no longer hangs her jewelry from a “jangler.” She owns several clear plastic tackle boxes with the adjustable dividers and keeps her jewelry in these in one of her dresser drawers. The benefits are numerous.Infinite_Divider_System-xl

  • Most importantly, this protects her jewelry from the air. Adding a piece of chalk or a silica package increases this benefit, as it absorbs excess moisture, adding to the life of your jewelry and decreasing how frequently you need to polish it.
  • As her dividers are adjustable, Mom can create a compartment for every necklace, from the dainty ones to her chunkier pieces. This prevents tangling and she can look at every item individually, reminding her of her options. This makes both dressing and planning for a trip a breeze.
  • Not that he would mind, but my dad has no idea how much jewelry Mom owns. This means she keeps getting more. What woman would argue with that?
  • No clutter. You might not know it from looking at my house, but I’m a neat freak. This storage system creates the illusion of being clutter-free in your dressing area.

If your jewelry needs some help in the storage/protection department, you can find these boxes almost anywhere, but to keep your life simple, here is a link to one at Walmart.